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I have been in the lighting industry for over 20 years with experience in all aspects of the business from customer service to outside sales and now as a Lighting Consultant for Lights Fantastic. I have a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Oklahoma. My specific areas of knowledge are ceiling fans, residential lighting, kitchen and bath lighting, and I am also a Crystal Specialist.
With 10 years in the lighting industry and a Bachelor of Science in Design from the Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas, I am astutely qualified to help you with any and all of your lighting projects. Environmentally efficient lighting is one of my favorite challenges of lighting projects. My expertise extends into residential decorative lighting, ceiling fans, LED products and bulbs, dimmer switches, and low voltage systems. Combining an attractive lighting schematic with energy efficient products is the most important combination I can offer my clients.
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Kenny Robinson
Lighting Consultant
I have been in the lighting industry for many years and have seen technology rise to different levels in lighting. I have worked with many different product lines over the years and have been a part of thousands of lighting projects. I am able to work within floor plans to incorporate lighting design layouts from the very beginning of the process. I am able to work on any project you have, but I have advanced knowledge in the following areas:
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Track and Monorail Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Kitchen and Bath Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • All things LED
David Johnson
With over 20 years in interior and exterior lighting sales, David creates solutions with experience to back them up. David has transitioned his level of lighting ability with the new wave of LED solutions. His onsite sales and thoughtful approach to every lighting design has brought forth award winning landscape designs and interior lighting that can only be accomplished with the kind of insight and experience he possesses.
Jim Rutledge
Experience and a passion for great design is Jim's art. Lights Fantastic and LF Pro locations are brought together with Jim's eye for products that are the best in our industry and an understanding of how these products can make our projects not only beautiful, but a spectacular experience. To those customers that are looking for the most innovative and highest level of design for both commercial and residential projects, Jim Rutledge is leading the pack in today's lighting design.
Doug Lahourcade
As showroom manager, my wish for every customer is to experience great service and allow my team the tools needed to show off their talents. In many cases, lighting ends up being an afterthought. Being able to juggle a fast pace environment and still offer unique product and educating customers about the latest trends in LED lighting. Lights Fantastic is passionate about bringing great lighting design ideas to life. I believe that our team has a yes we can spirit to bring our clients' ideas to fruition. We truly are rethinking lighting.
LaDreama Jackson
LaDreama offers an energetic presence that makes buying lighting fun! LaDreama is a student of a local design school, and her knowledge of both lighting design and interior layouts make LaDreama a key part of our ever changing industry. Her bright spirit and passion to try new things is clearly reflected in her work. You will not be disappointed in your purchasing experience with LaDream's help.
Natalea Graham
We at Lights Fantastic Dallas have been in the same spot for more than 50 years. With customers returning year after year, we require a customer service champion to watch after orders and follow up with every client request. Natalea manages the behind the scenes work that it takes to make Lights Fantastic run each and every day. It's hard to find a friendlier face in the crowd than Natalea at Lights Fantastic-Dallas.
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