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Ashling Hill
Showroom Sales
I have over 12 years in the design industry and the last 4 with Lights Fantastic. I have a Bachelors in Interior Design from the University of North Texas.

My favorite part of lighting is being a part of a project from the beginning, working with a client throughout the process of planning, selecting, and then finally seeing the result of an entire build come to fruition. By the end, we have usually developed a great relationship. I have many clients that I would now also consider friends.

Few people realize how much lighting effects the way you feel when you enter a space. With the introduction and development of LED to our industry, we can now do things with lighting that we never could before. No longer are decorative fixtures the only source of light. We are in a very exciting time for lighting and I can't wait to see what we do with the possibilities!
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Mary Jones
Showroom Sales
I have over 40 years of retail experience and 33 of those years are with Lights Fantastic. Over the years I have received training from some of the industry's top manufacturers. I have work experience ranging from management to buying to sales all within the context of lighting.

What I like about Lighting is that change is always a great opportunity to improve. I am with the strongest lighting company in Texas that noticed upcoming changes and acted on it. That's what has kept me interest for so many years.
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Katie Edwards
Commercial / Builder Sales
I joined the lighting industry in 2012 after completing my Bachelors in Interior Design and a minor in Construction Technology at Texas State University. My passion for design and architecture goes back to high school and has only grown from there. My biggest challenge as a lighting consultant is being able to layer the light properly. Interior spaces are multi-functional and so should be the light. By using a layered light design, the space will have a variety of light sources. Providing an ambient, take, and decorative light layer it will accommodate more than just one function of a space.

Lighting is such an important element of design. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. There are endless design possibilities with lighting, being a part of the design and selection process is very exciting.
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Janeen Sager
Commercial / Builder Sales
I have been in the lighting industry since 2004 and with Lights Fantastic since 2006. I have a BS in Sociology from the University of Illinois. I spent some time in social services, but I decided I wanted to do something more creative. I returned to school and received my BA in Interior Design from Texas State in 2005. I worked for interior designers, but decided that lighting is where my passion was. I love anything modern and streamlined. My personal style is industrial, contemporary and modern homes, but I've found myself specializing in more commercial projects and I love it. The builder and trade industries has become my niche. I am driven by the challenge of creating energy efficient lighting, primarily in fluorescent fixtures. To me rethinking lighting means using lighting in more creative fashions. I think that lighting is the jewelry of the home and it can have a tremendous impact on the design of the space. LED lighting allows designers more freedom because light source can serve as function and art which is truly amazing!
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Paul Cope
Warehouse Manager
I have worked as part of the Warehouse Crew since 2010 and as the Manager since 2012. I enjoy the challenge of keeping track of an entire warehouse of stock, and making sure customer orders get processed accurately. I oversee a hardworking team that's priority is to take our customers carefully planned orders from our consultants and fulfill them accurately and efficiently. We work in conjunction with the sales team to complete orders as well as keep the showrooms a shining example of the possibilities of lighting.
I have been working in the lighting industry for over 20 years. The majority of which I have been designing residential and contract lighting fixtures. For several years I have focused on large scale custom lighting installations. I have designed for, Hubbardton Forge, Sonneman, Stiffel and Waterford Wedgwood. I have won three consecutive IIDA/HD awards for lighting fixture design. In this time, I have come to know lighting from both the end user's perspective as well as the manufacturer's perspective. This dual perspective allows me to interact with both the customer and lighting companies with an intrinsic knowledge of the larger picture and see things from the other's point of view.

I view lighting as a sculptural medium with the ability to define and enhance a person's spatial experience. Light can be functional on one hand but also romantic and soothing on the other. As a lighting consultant, I enjoy working with my clients to create lighting experiences that are pragmatic, exciting and affordable.

I received my BFA in sculpture from Cornell University with a heavy concentrations of Engineering and Architecture. I am now blending all these disciplines together to create unique illuminated architectural environments.
Kirstie Conely
Morgan Byers
I recently joined Lights Fantastic as a Showroom Sales Consultant. Having recently graduated from Texas State University with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences where I majored in Fashion Merchandising; I am excited to join the team at Lights Fantastic in my pursuit of working with the Design Community and exploring the wealth of possibilities in using the most advanced technical and design elements that our company brings to the market place. I have been a member of Fashion Nation and the Fashion Merchandising Association over the last several years as I worked to broaden my experience with the Design Trade and further develop my ability to work with end users as well as commercial clients in developing solutions for their projects. Though relatively new to the highly specialized world of lighting, my technical training and years of working with customers in a wide range of capacities has prepared me to become an additional strong team member of the strong staff of sales Consultants at Lights Fantastic.
Michelle Smith
Mandy Fay
Robin Miley
Tracy Loesser
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