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  • Transform Environments - LED makes a difference, an impact in a range of possibilities that conventional lighting could never match.
  • Create Experiences - Uplift, inspire, excite, calm, and heal. Led empowers and reflects on who we are and how we live our lives.
  • Livability - LED offers safety, solutions, and improves environments overall
  • Value in Sustainability - "Sustainability is not a limit, it's a reality and a challenge; a confrontation from which innovation progress originated."
  • Amazing facts about LEDS
    1. LEDs are crystal based, entirely free of mercury and other toxins, and so are 99% recyclable, its "Productive Footprint" is also quite small and continues dropping.
    2. LED bulbs are extremely versatile in the kind of light they produce and can be designed for a range of specific purposes, from growing our food, to illuminating specific colors, or even as medical therapy in the treatment of jaundice stricken infants.
    3. LED lighting has been found to keep meat fresher when in displays, not just because LEDs don't emit heat in the form of IR (infrared), but for other reasons, still under investigation!
    4. When the Empire State Building switched to the use of exterior LED lighting, it went from being able to illuminate its exterior with a selection of around a dozen different colors to an array of 16 million different colors, and has truly breathed new life into this classic example of modern architecture.
    5. NASA, pioneer of LED technologies, is now using LED light "Paddles" for helping heal wounds suffered in off-world missions.
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